Poll Results #17

Thanks again, dearest readers, for participating in a Dude Whisperer Poll Tracker 9000 Supertrack Poll of the Century Poll. This one was about sex, so more of you than usual checked a box. Here’s what you said.

The last sex you had was ___ ?

Dude! Mindblowing! 12%
Pretty dang good! 27%
Eh, average. 27%
Lacking. 22%
Worse than sitting through “Dan in Real Life”. 10%

What gave impetus to this question was A Note On Your Mindblowing Sex, in which the DW mused about the high proportion of his readers who seemed to be having their socks blown off like Yosemite Sam’s hat every time they hopped in the sack with their dude. Great Horny Toads!

In reality, though, your last sex was much more bell curve-ish. Some good, some bad, some ugly. Such is life. Seriously, though, “Dan in Real Life” people- the DW feels for you. He would rather be held down and have Cher bare-as#ed fart on his face than watch six minutes of that movie ever again.

What was revealing (to the DW, anyway) about A Note On Your Hotness was how the comments indicated that women weren’t so different than dudes in the degree to which they would be willing to keep someone around for a good roll in the hay. Not that the DW ever assumed that some serious Grade A Prime F*cking wasn’t important to the ladies, but he did always assume dudes were worse about overvaluing such things. Actually, they probably are worse. But, it would seem, not way worse. Which means it shouldn’t be so mysterious to women why a dude keeps calling when he doesn’t seem to pay much attention to you outside ye olde boudoir, right?

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