Dude of the Week! (#13)

This week’s not quite weekly Dude of the Week is- Wolverine!

Or, to be more accurate, this week’s DOW is Hugh Jackman As Wolverine. See, separately, Hugh Jackman and Wolverine can be a little too Oklahoma! and a little too, well, just short and unappealing. But together? Well Hughjackmanwolverine makes just about every woman the DW knows a little weak in the knees, to put it politely. Especially the wifey. Last time the DW’s saw the trailer with her he had to dab her forehead and offer her a cigarette which she could hardly smoke through sobs of joy.  Dear god I love that f*cking Wolverine, she said, a faraway look in her eyes. 

And somehow, dudes like the Hughjackmanwolverine, too, which is really quite a trick. This is not how it usually works. Really the only actual person to pull off the Dude Who Is Universally Appealing To Women Without Drawing Nutkicking Ire From Dudes is Will Smith, and even with him women aren’t necessarily super swoony-swoon. Tom Cruise maybe had it before he went batsh&t nuts. Maybe George Clooney. Almost Brad Pitt, but not quite. Barack Obama maybe for left of center only. The more usual scenario is some dillweed like that vampire movie dude that women think is adorable and the DW wants to nutkick with great certitude and conviction for no real discernible reason. 

Anyway, the DW’s heard the movie isn’t all that great, but you can bet your sweet round rear end that he and the wifey will see it real soon. Maybe some kind of update will be in order.

Hughjackmanwolverine! You are the Dude of the Week!
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4 Responses to Dude of the Week! (#13)

  1. Anonymous says:

    “Well Hughjackmanwolverine makes just about every woman the DW knows a little weak in the knees, to put it politely.”Yeah, baby!!

  2. claire says:

    seconded. *slobber.*by the way, the movie isn’t all THAT bad. just keep your expectations low and it’ll be all right.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Don’t get it with this guy. Doesn’t do anything for me at all.

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