Poll Results #48932

And now, the results from the latest super extra fancy DW Poll.

When I go to a movie on a date it is most likely to be _____

a chick flick the dude guts out. 0%
a dude flick the chick endures. 8%
a movie we both like. Duh, dude! 92%

As usual, thanks to all who participated. And the DW has got to say, this response just warms every last little nook of his shockingly sensitive heart. And here’s why…

So, the DW and the Wifey were in Boise, Idaho recently. Land of potato “gems” and the World Center for Birds of Prey. There’s one good breakfast joint and no motorcycle helmet law. Approximately 94.2% of all monetary transactions take place in a strip mall. Twenty miles out of town you hit a Next Gas 100 Miles sign. The suburbs are campgrounds and mountains.

So what? So this. During our visit the DW and the wifey met two women who were having a hard time adjusting to the hustle and bustle and congestion. Um. Huh?

Turns out the ladies were from Anchorage, Alaska. Land of snow machines and kids named “Track”. And in that context it kinda made sense. A town of 185,000 people, no matter how scattered about the valley, was way bigger and louder and faster than they were accustomed to. Meanwhile, coming from the Bay Area, where people are stacked on top of other people six deep and you could sell a refrigerator box for 200 grand if it was in a decent neighborhood near a BART line, the DW and the wifey found Boise only slightly more urban than a petting zoo.

So, what does this have to do with movies? Well, while there are just undeniably some movies that women are going to like and others men are going to like, the DW finds it encouraging that his readers end up mostly going to see stuff that both halves of the couple want to see when they go out together.

OK. Sure. It’s just a movie. But really, although nobody but Liberace wants to date someone exactly the same as themselves, it smooths out a lot of relationship situations to have an outlook on life similar enough that when you come over the hill after a long drive and see Boise, Idaho one of you isn’t thinking NYC while the other thinks BFE.

Here’s to agreeing about Bruno,
the DW
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7 Responses to Poll Results #48932

  1. claire says:

    you DO know how lucky you are, right? wifey's taste in moobies has always … er … thrown me for a loop. one of my first impressions of her was the three separate times she told me how great "the blair witch project" was.

  2. Oh, the DW knows how lucky he is. Wherever the wifey started on the movie taste scale, the DW has only dragged her more towards the dumb and dudely. Like, the wifey would totally go see Transformers tomorrow. And the DW has never been asked to go see one Aaron Eckhart as sensitive chef type romantic "comedy". Good times.The last movie we saw was actually pretty classy, though. Moon. Dw review? 2001 for 2009. Only not groundbreaking. And slow in the third act.

  3. Ha I love San Francisco, but I see it as moving back to a MUCH slower life since I'm so used to Manhattan. I went to a club and NO ONE was dancing?! Bars close at 2am? Whattttt? Anyway, I do love your city though, thinking about moving soon…

  4. akd says:

    I only went to see Bruno because my dude paid. It was better than I expected though. I couldn't stop thinking about how much waxing SBC must have had done. And again for the movie promo appearances! Ouch. That is one hairy dude.

  5. claire says:

    she started out pretty far over to the dudely. other first impressions of her include her trying to convince me to watch the jackass movie … cuz it wuz funni.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Can we assume that the dude is lost to us forever? no updates in months!

  7. Julia says:

    Yeah I miss the DW, please come back!

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