A Birthday Note

Hi, sexy readers!

Your regular dose of genius will be up in a couple hours, but the DW wanted to take a moment on his birthday (that’s today!) to ask you for a small present first. Don’t worry, it’s cheap and easy. The Wifey already covered the expensive and difficult with a World Series ticket and being the coolest gal in the land.

Over the last couple years a lot of readers have asked the DW if a book or an online/print column is in the works, and in the last couple months there has been a lot of interest in both. But here’s the thing. The DW needs to show publishers and media peeps that his audience is big enough to take a chance on.

So, if you have a sec today, tell a friend about the blog. Or click like on the DW’s FB page. Follow on Twitter @dudewhisperer. Any little bit you could do to get the numbers up would be a super cool b-day treat for the DW.

Thanks in advance for your help. And thanks for reading!

New post coming up soon. Stay tuned for divorce, poolboobs, country fried steak, Adriana Lima, and throwing your hat in the ring.


the DW

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