Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hi Sexy Readers,

In order to rightfully retain possession of his coffee mugs that read “World’s Greatest Husband” and “World’s Third Most Skilled and Adventurous Lover,” the DW will be spending this Valentine’s Day hanging out with The Wifey instead of writing for the blog. He’ll be back next week with your regularly scheduled genius.

In the meantime, the DW would like to say thanks for reading, sending in your questions, and being a particularly fun bunch of peeps. This V-Day will mark three full years of The Dude Whisperer, which makes it the second longest relationship the DW has ever maintained. Third if you count his cat. Good times!

Here’s a small gift for the holiday. Enjoy! And come say hi on the Facebook page or  @ dudewhisperer on the Twittermachine.


The DW


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One Response to Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Anne says:

    This link just fucked up my life with how awesome it is.

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