A Quickie for February 25th

[Hi Peeps,

Welcome to latest development in The Dude Whisperer technology- The Quickie!

Got a quick question that only requires a quick response? wanna tweet a question and get a tweet answer? This is the place for you. Send in as many shorties as you like as often as you like and the DW will give you a Quickie.

Have no fear, the regular length genius will still be posting every week. This is just a way to work in a little more content here and there, sexy readers.


The DW]


A Quickie for Friday, February 25th:

@TammyPajamas tweets:

Question: Do men have biological clocks (to have babies, settle down, etc.)? Are they encouraged to hide it? It leaks out!

@dudewhisperer tweets back:

Yup, but with later and quieter alarms. More pressure to hide p-whipped than settled. And more pressure from unsettled dudes.

The DW should probably add that, to continue the analogy, sometimes you may have to set a dude’s alarm for him. Not to say that a dude who is dead set against having kids will change his mind. That dude probably won’t. What the DW means is that even a dude who is open to kids or actively wants to have kids may not ever get around to being the one to initiate a timetable, plans, preparations. It’s a different level of urgency, or lack thereof.  You may have to gently nudge to get the baby ball rolling.

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One Response to A Quickie for February 25th

  1. Ross says:

    I married a woman 7 years my junior (read: SCORE). I like to say that I hit snooze on my biological clock.

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