About the Dude Whisperer

The Dude Whisperer answers reader questions about dudes and posts the best exchanges. Write in now to thedudewhisperer@yahoo.com!

The DW will never post your email address. However, if there is anything else at all in your letter to him that you would like to keep off the site, it’s up to you to clearly point out what. The DW, being a dude, assumes everything you write is fair game unless you tell him otherwise.

One Response to About the Dude Whisperer

  1. Laura Z says:

    Dude Whisperer! I saw your Manhattan MC and had to check you out. Love love love how you write. That holiday candy cane post? I don’t even know where to start… Let’s just say I’ll be sharing that one as soon as I’m done writing this. You’re one funny dude, dude. Thanks for making my night a bit more hilarious, all that laughing helped to ease my frostbite and muscle aches from shoveling. See you around…
    Laura Z.
    Lovelorn Poets

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