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Dudefile #97 – I Just Found Out My Dude Wears Women’s Lingerie

Dear Dude, Recently my boyfriend and I moved in together.  We’ve been dating for nearly two years and I couldn’t be happier to be with him.  We have always had a lively sex life and I think it is one … Continue reading

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A Quickie for March 20th

Anonymous via Twitter asks: do you answer real questions? they sound made up. can i ask u a real question? @dudewhisperer says: All real, every week! Write the DW via email, FB, Twitter, or carrier pigeon and get an answer. Anonymous … Continue reading

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Dudefile #69 – The Whore

Dear Dude Whisperer, My girlfriends and I are debating something. One of them is sort of dating this guy who is/was a chronic womanizer…I mean sleeping with LOTS of women at the same time. So, my opinion is, “Once a … Continue reading

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