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A Quickie for July 14, 2011

Today’s Quickie is a first for The Dude Whisperer blog. We have an impending marriage proposal! Check out the comment stream on Ladyfile #1 from last November. Our intrepid dude question asker, ME, is gonna go for it. Let us … Continue reading

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A Quickie for June 5th

Quick in, quick out. Genius! Anonymous via Twitter asks: Did you really meet the Wifey online? I don’t know anybody who’s had an online relationship work out. Lots of horror stories. @dudewhisperer says: Your friends may have dated the DW’s friends. … Continue reading

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A Quickie for March 20th

Anonymous via Twitter asks: do you answer real questions? they sound made up. can i ask u a real question? @dudewhisperer says: All real, every week! Write the DW via email, FB, Twitter, or carrier pigeon and get an answer. Anonymous … Continue reading

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A Quickie for February 25th

[Hi Peeps, Welcome to latest development in The Dude Whisperer technology- The Quickie! Got a quick question that only requires a quick response? wanna tweet a question and get a tweet answer? This is the place for you. Send in … Continue reading

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